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Saturday, March 14, 2015

‘Terror owl’ captured after year-long attacks

A bird dubbed the “terror owl” has been captured in a Dutch city after it attacked more than 50 people, Sky News reported Saturday.
The animal, which was attacking residents in the north Amsterdam city of Purmerend over the past year, was captured by citizens.
“The animal was trapped by a falconer,” Purmerend city council said in a statement.
“It’s in good health and is currently being kept in a temporary facility awaiting a transfer once a proper permanent home has been found.”
The owl has injured many residents and caused authorities to advise citizens to use umbrellas to protect themselves.
Some of the attacks left victims needing hospital treatment, with two runners needing stitches for head injuries inflicted in a swooping aerial assault on Tuesday.
Mario Hegger, a city council member, expressed mixed feelings toward the capture.
“On the one hand, you would of course rather leave such a magnificent beast alone,” Hegger said.
“But on the other hand, the situation could not continue. We had to do something,” he said.

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