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*The Kurdish Front against ISIS

*Is Yemen to the edge of civil war

*Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus said that Iran is main threat to Iraq not ISIS

*Yemen crisis escalates after Saudi Arabia bombs rebels

*Blast in libyan city Bengazi

*Syrian chemical weapons is similar to the false charges trumped up against Iraq

*Cuba's free healthcare

*$3 billion damages against BP by Siberian court awards

*It may be "Last Chance" Option to Greese

*59th anniversary of revolution of CUBA

*Venezuela is withdrawing from the Inter-American Court of     Human Rights

*JPMorgan pay $100 million to credit card customers

*Mexican official says that drug trade 'manages' by CIA

*If Basar removed, syria will be next Afgan-Putin

*Won’t Use Chemical Weapons -Syria   

*Western position on Syria “elements of blackmail”--Russia

*Syrian village attack targeted rebels and mainly of army defectors--UN

*Five Iranian scientists killed by Israel

*Anti-Austerity Protesters in Spain clash with police

*Egypt, Tunisia oppose military intervention in Syria

*First cargo ship Miami-Cuba reaches Havana in 50 Years


*Mass killing in Syria-Blaming each other

*Retail fuel price cut in China

*Russia not to follow a Western arms embargo on Syria

*Egyptian actor Omar Sharif is converted to Judaism is a Rumors

*Chavez accused Rival of trying to destabilise Venezuela

*Reconvene of Egyptien Parliament by President rejected by Court

*Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate,shuns linked to ‘God's particle’

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