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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Five Iranian scientists killed by Israel

New York, Jul 13 An new book penned by two Israeli journalists has alleged that Israel's deadly Mossad intelligence agency carried out the assassinations of five Iranian nuclear scientists.
The book 'Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel's Secret Wars', has now become a rage among Iran's top political echelon.
It has set off a buzz among both government and opposition news media inside Iran for the assertion by its authors —Yossi Melman, widely regarded as a leading Israeli military and intelligence journalist, and Dan Raviv, a CBS national political correspondent — that five Iranian nuclear scientists killed in the past five years were all assassinated by operatives, most likely of Persian Jewish heritage, employed
by Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, The New York Times said.

Till date, Israel has neither confirmed nor denied it is responsible for the assassinations.
The book offers a broad overview of a widely reported Israeli campaign to sabotage Iran's nuclear programme, which Israeli authorities contend is a guise for developing nuclear weapons, an accusation the Iranians strenuously deny, the report said.
But the book's assertion that the assassins were all Mossad agents who used agency safe houses maintained inside Iran since the era of the shah is new.
Iran's state-financed Press TV focused in a Persian-language article on the book's assertion that a Mossad unit known as Kidon — meaning Tip of the Spear in Hebrew, and responsible for assassinations and kidnapping — sent operatives to Tehran to carry out the assassinations over the
past five years, it said.

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