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Saturday, November 12, 2011

D Raja: Why Kingfisher when Air India is ailing?

Communist Party of India (CPI) secretary and Rajya Sabha member D. Raja has questioned the Centre's move to bail out the crisis-ridden Kingfisher Airlines.

The attempt smacks of the United Progressive Alliance government's proclivity to go out of the way to help corporate houses while ignoring the public sector, he charged.

“The Manmohan Singh government is always interested to protect the corporate sector. While it has left the Air India in the lurch, it is keen on arranging a financial package for the Vijay Mallya-promoted Kingfisher,” Mr. Raja, who was here on Saturday to address the State convention of the All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO), said while talking to The Hindu.

“The Air India employees have not been getting salaries for months and no one seems to be concerned,” he pointed out.

“Why Kingfisher? When the company is in the red the government is trying to bail it out. Did it share the dividend with the government when it was in profit,” the veteran Communist asked.

The Hindu

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