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Friday, September 9, 2011

Occupied 301 university departments and faculties in Greece

Athens September 8 :During the Pan-Educational rally in central Athens, there were minor incidents in front of the House, where strangers have been penetrated along the way tried to cause tension with the police forces. Individuals were isolated from the students themselves.
The education community calls for the abolition of the bill.
Occupied are 301 university departments and colleges of higher education throughout the country. Capture a week and demonstrations today and decided at the University of Crete in Rethymnon, following a decision by the general assembly of students.
Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou its part, has warned students that the occupations of universities endanger the semester.
Rally held this morning outside the Ministry of Education, University Confederation of Parents of Pupils Greece (ASGME), which also gave the "present" small delegations of PAME Teachers and Students Struggle Front (MAS). The ASGME complains that the new year will start with 2,000 fewer schools and more than 20,000 educational gaps, while asserting that the problem of books will not be solved either by the end of the year. "We demand that the funding should not be photocopies of the parents students, but drafted by the Ministry to provide funds directly to municipalities to cover costs, "said ANA-MPA Aura Karabelas, a member of the Confederation. Delegation asked parents and accepted by the special secretary of elementary and secondary education, Mr. Kontogiannis. "For all the problems have been created, the ministry is washing its hands of," he said after the meeting, Board member of the Confederation.

At the same time, the ongoing reactions to the lack of textbooks, the Agency Edition Textbook answers that children get 20% of the books, while the vast majority of titles will be ready in mid October. The Ministry of Education has told schools to cope with a temporary situation and copying dvd, which caused reactions from teachers. The Secretary General of OLME I. Kotsyfakis stressed that there can be "converted schools in copy shops," pointed out that the machinery of the schools are not professionally, but was particularly the cost of photocopying in connection with the book. Specifically, a book costs 0.80 minutes, and 40 pages of photocopies cost four euros. Professors and teachers, have announced 24-hour strike on September 22 and sent letters to schools, describing the problems, so the kids tell their parents.

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